We are very committed to develop distribution into our local restaurants, caterers and food retailers that want to supply local foods.  We are in are startup phase since moving the entire family farm but have nearly a lifetime of experience in growing food, and selling to restaurants, food distributors, etc… Lets grow together and in time can be supplying you with something local on the menu all year around !


    Make a Difference in Your Menu by Offering Local Produce

         At our original farm we attended numerous farmers markets, ran a small CSA and occasionally sold from the farm gate.  We found that the most efficient method of selling our food was to enter grower contracts with food suppliers.  The farm was certified organic and we sought synergistic food distribution companies in the Greater Toronto area.  Our family supplied potatoes, onions, shelling peas and sweet corn to Fresh City and Everdale Learning Farms.  We supplied grass fed lamb to Whole Circle Farms.  This resulted in our farm produce and meats having a wide exposure in the Toronto region and allowed the family to focus on growing food.

     Here at Calabogie Farm we have started the organic certification process with Ecocert and will be fully organic in 15 months. If you are a caterer, restaurant, home delivery provider or food outlet and interested in what we can supply please contact us to set up a face to face meeting


        Calabogie Family Farm will supply interested parties with weekly updates of produce available over the course of the growing season. If we don’t have it we will find it through the large network of local food producers that we work with. We also have the capability of delivering directly to your business for a reasonable fee. 

Diversity & Heirloom Produce 

         We will be able to grow a much greater diversity of produce then you can find at your local grocery store.  The vast quantity of produce you get from large food suppliers is grown and selected not for flavour but the ability to harvest mechanically and withstand transportation over long distances.  Our farm specializes in rare and heirloom varieties selected for taste and we ensure that you are getting your produce the same day it has been harvested. Working together we can help supply the raw ingredients to produce your  signature dishes. We want to work with you to get the best local organic produce to your customers plate at a fair price.  This can be accomplished through developing a direct grower relationship. 


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 Our Organic Potato Plot

Just a few of our tomatoes 



Food Is Our Passion

Check out the diversity of produce we are growing this year. 

What We Are Growing


To develop a truly sustainable farm based on improving soil quality which promotes a healthy ecosystem producing the most flavourful and nutrient rich food this land can offer. 

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