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Position Title: Community Blossoms Volunteer
Purpose: To assist the Community Blossoms Program to grow and harvest fresh cut flower flowers and to help grow farm produce for families in our community
Time Commitment: Flexible. Shifts available Monday to Saturday

Tasks, Duties, & Responsibilities

  • Work Soil, plant seeds, plants.. pick weeds, wash and harvest, make flower bouquets and other various farm tasks related to Community Blossoms

Qualifications, Skills, & Requirements

Farming can be physically demanding at times with at times lots of bending over, lifting and carrying. We work rain or shine and so a person should dress according. It is also a very peaceful to sit in nature, weed and enjoy the bliss of nature. As a volunteer please work to your comforts and we will try our best to accommodate if possible everyone to their abilities. A farm like a community has a place for everyone so please if you would like to volunteer or offer you skills to this program connect as there is a place for everyone and just share what you feel your best strengths would be and or any concerns.

  • Minimum age with adult supervision is 8 years
  • Minimum age to volunteer alone at this time with Covid is 18 years

Health & Safety Requirements

  • Must follow health and safety regulations
  • Volunteers are not permitted to use heavy equipment

As a Bonus 

You’ll gain experience towards growing organic food and play an important role towards food security and making our  community stronger

If you like to join the volunteer list please just submit your contact info below with any notes and addition comments in the text box provided. Thank you and look forward to sharing the summers sun and blossoms with you.