Organic Lamb Order Form

Down Payment and Pricing

  • Whole, half lambs are available for $12.00lb hanging weight
  • Deposit of $75 per half is required

* Please note there will be a reduction in weight from what you pay to what you take home. This is because there is some bone, skin, and fat discarded in the cutting process.

*The actual amount of meat varies depending on the cuts you select. We always recommend keeping all the bones and internal organs. They are great for bone broths, making sausage and pate, and so many other things.

After you make your payment we will send you a link to an on-line form. This form makes it easy to select which cuts of meat you’d like for side 1, and side 2.

Thank you and can't wait for you to get to enjoy Organic Grass Fed Lamb raised in Calabogie Ontario.