Community Blossoms Electronic Press Kit – January 13, 2021

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The Family Farm:   Calabogie Family Farm is truly a family run operation specializing in grass fed lamb, sheep’s milk, CSA vegetables (Community Supported Agriculture) and a starter plant nursery. The focus of operations is to develop sustainable agricultural practices that ensure ecological integrity and local nutritious food. John & Sue Slack, the parents of Calabogie farm family, have dedicated their lives to teaching and inspiring their children to follow a career in organic agriculture. John spent a better part of his life taking his son Johnny across Ontario and neighbouring US states to look at soil. This culminated in an understanding of the factors that produce the very best soils. Good soil is a result of complex geology rich in calcium carbonate, with abundant clean water, forests and wetlands that create a rich biodiversity. They found it all here in the Ottawa Valley. These unique conditions result in exceptional Terroir; which is an expression of food flavours that expresses the region’s geological history and the life that it feeds. 

The family farm plays a vital role in maintaining this relationship through soil health, local fresh food and community health. They feel that beyond farming, it is a high calling to look after the land, feed people and participate in a vibrant local community. For more information on the family farm members please visit the home page and scroll to the bottom on this link

The Family farm always aims to grow a large diversity of heirloom vegetables and fruits and adds to the list every year. Some years they grow over 50 different types of heirloom tomatoes and fifteen different types of potatoes. You can sign up with their online stores that will send you updates as produce comes into season or join their CSA box program. They also love to inspire others to start their own gardens and aiding home gardener enthusiasts by suppling nursery plants, natural fertilizers and compost. Through a series of Facebook chats, YouTube videos and emails, backyard gardeners can hopefully get their questions answered, if not, the family has an extensive list of experts from across North America that will be able to help. Each growing season is a new opportunity that energizes and inspires the kitchen garden to grow in variety, quantity, flavour and health

For more information, please contact:

Johnny Slack,

Calabogie Family Farm,

93 Windle Road, Renfrew ON, K7V 3Z9 (Ashdad)


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