Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial agreement between customers and a local farm. Customers pre-pay for a share of the farm’s produce and become shareholder in the seasons produce. The grower agrees to deliver a wide selection of high quality produce weekly as it comes into season and provides a weekly newsletter to customers with farm updates, recipes, and photos. Customers get to invest their money directly in local food production, receive the best selection and prices, and develop an intimate connection with the growers, the seasons, the food, and the land that produces it. Growers get an upfront and guaranteed financial commitment, which facilitates early season planning and purchases, and develop long-term relationships with their customers. The CSA model has proven versatile and essential to the viability of small-scale, local agriculture.

Risk and Reward

Shared risk and reward is the heart of the traditional CSA model. By joining our farm, you are becoming a part of our agricultural community. Together, we agree to share in the risk and reward of farming. If the year is especially abundant, you will receive product of exceptional quality and size. If the year is a difficult one with difficult pest, disease, and weather pressures, you may receive fewer items or items of lesser quality. If we experience an extreme natural disaster, such as a flood or tornado, you may receive no further products at all.  At Calabogie Family Farm we have never lost a season entirely, our vegetable gardens last year, which was a record for rainfall and coolness, was exceptional just a few weeks later then usual.  We also practice season extending, drip irrigation and for the first time this year caterpillar greenhouses to combat the ills of ever increasing fluctuations in seasonal weather patterns.

How Our CSA Works

During the season, June through October, members pick-up their food boxes at the farm. In addition, we provide you with recipes and cooking tips to keep you inspired in the kitchen, as well as newsletters to keep you informed of what’s happening on the farm. Members can sign up for a full share of 16 weeks.

The Cost of a Membership

Large Share: 16 Week mid-June to mid-October – 4+ people        $800.00

Medium Share: 16 Week mid-June to mid-October – 2+ people     $480.00

What Can I Expect In My Basket?

Early Summer – Mid June

The summer CSA starts out lighter with fewer items. Early summer shares include leafy and salad greens, early root crops, peas, spring brassicas like broccoli as well as green onions.

Mid-Summer – Mid July – Early August

As the CSA season progresses, the volume of the CSA increases, as does the diversity of items. New potato harvest begins. Summer crops such as zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, and green beans begin to appear in late July. 

Late-Summer – Late August – Early September

As the share reaches late summer, tomato season peaks with a variety of tomatoes from large slicers to small sweet cherries. Peppers and squash are also abundant as well as the supply of greens and onions.

Early Fall – Late September – October

As the summer CSA season draws to a close, the size & weight of the share reaches its peak, with a variety of storage crops such as potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, squash, tomatoes, and more. The last of summer crops like tomatoes, peppers, green beans make final appearances while cool season fall crops such as spinach, fall broccoli, and kale come into season. This is the period where share members can fill their winter larder and preserve the summers harvest.  Calabogie Family Farms will aid in storage tips and preserving techniques such as canning, drying and lacto-fermentation.


How Do I Pay?

Members can pay all at once, or in 3 installments. The first installment should be made at time of sign-up and the final installment should be dated no later than June 1st. CSA shares must be paid-in-full by June 1st to ensure delivery of your CSA share. Please let us know if you would like to make alternative payment arrangements, we are very flexible and understanding. 

Payments may by check or cash transfer though on-line banking. 

Where Can I Pick-Up? 

Pick-up will be once a week at the farm.  We will choose a day each week that hopefully will not be too inconvenient to our members.  On our farm market day we hope to have additional products available for purchase from around the valley, such as unpasteurized honey and maple syrup.  With the Covid-19 virus  recommendations we will also be offering free food box home drop offs to the following locations Renfrew, Calabogie, Ashdad, Burnstown and Springtown.  

What If I’m Away and Can’t Pick-Up My Share?

If you cannot pick up your weekly share the farm must be notified a minimum of three days beforehand.  You will be given a credit which is the equivalent $50 for a large share and $30 for a small share.  This credit can be used at a later date to purchase items that is not part of CSA share, such as eggs, honey and maple syrup, cheese, etc. or double up your order in a following week.  This can be used only once by CSA members.  If by chance you do not contact us in the appropriate time we will be donating your share to one of our farm workers or a local charity.

Thank You and We look Forward to Having you part of the Calabogie Farm Community 

Large Share



4+ People 

16 Weeks of Local Fresh Food

Certified Organic

 Grown Using Compost

Grown Using Rock Dust

Educational Farm Days & Tours

 and Much More as the Season Progresses

Closed for 2020

Half Share



2+ people

16 Weeks of local flavourful food

Certified Organic

 Educational Farm Days & Tours

Grown Using Rock Dust

 Educational Farm Days and Tours

 and Much More as the Season Progresses

Closed for 2020

Cheese Share

Weekly Local Artisan Cheeses made from the sheep milk here on our Calabogie Farm.  


Grass Fed Meats 

 As well as flavourful, grass fed animals are very high in the important constituents such as conjugated linoleic acid, (CLA).    

Order Your Grass Fed Lamb Today


What we Are Growing for 2020:

Detailed list of rare varieties, heirloom and organic seeds we will be growing this year that you can expect in your food boxes. Every seed we sow has a story.


Our Vision

To promote and produce nutritious local food that will have you coming back for more. To develop a truly sustainable farm based on improving soil quality which promotes a healthy ecosystem


Our Passion

Family, community and food!

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