** Type number without any dashes or symbols example..16130000000
** Any member purchasing more than one full share receives a 10% discount
** Once you summit your request we will contact you to finalize payment and where to send E-transfer if that option is selected. Thank you we look forward to growing and raising your food and having you part of the The Calabogie Family Farm Community
** For home delivery cost are based on per km and reduced if there is more drop offs in your area. Therefor as we grow our share members in your area the cost will be reduced the same. If there is any suggestions or general questions about box pick up please share in the question box below, thank you
** For anyone member that refers a family, person, or business and they join.. We will be offering some special offers and give aways throughout the season. If a referral results in even much larger sales such as through a restaurant, catering company, etc. We will have other ways to share personally with that member to show our thanks for helping grow our Calabogie family farm community together.
“The best fertilizer on any farm is the footsteps of the owner”

Calabogie Family Farm