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        Calabogie Family Farm is pleased to offer Back Forty Artisan raw milk sheep cheese! Last year through the Calabogie Summer Market the family introduced this exceptional cheese and are now offering Back Forty cheese through our CSA program and online farm store. With your CSA you can add any of the cheeses through our farm store.

We are very proud to be supplying grass fed milk to this exceptional creamery. Starting in 2021 our milk and lamb will be certified organic through Ecocert. This has been a major undertaking and we are excited



Back Forty Artisan Cheese

      Founded in 2000, Back Forty is a small creamery and cheese shop located on a farm in the hamlet of Mississippi Station Ontario. Using old world methods, each cheese is handcrafted, in very small batches from 100% unpasteurized sheep’s milk. The dairy and shop is open every Saturday from 10 am – 4pm, from May long weekend to Thanksgiving. It is worth the trip to the farm to experience Back Forty’s cheese shop. Back Forty’s tasting notes and beverages suggestions are provided by Julia Rogers of Cheese Culture. Julia Rogers is a Toronto-based cheese educator, writer and event co-coordinator. Her website lists other recommended cheese and beverage pairs, and her e-newsletter is a source of news, lore and bite-sized reviews.


FLOWER STATION – $7.00 per 100 grams 

Named after the picturesque hamlet in Lanark County, our Flower Station will be a real wake up for the taste buds of those used to pasteurized cow milk Feta and provide an authentic taste of the Mediterranean!

Tasting Notes: Match the beverage to the combination of ingredients in the recipe. Likely good bets include Italian reds, crisp whites, Pilsner or lager.






BONNECHERE – $13.00 approx. 200 grams

 The rugged Bonnechere River and the mysterious Bonnechere Caves are unique landmarks of the Ottawa Valley. A distinct feature of our Bonnechere is the rind that is toasted over an open flame before aging. This painstaking process, traditional for certain Basque cheeses, imparts a delicious caramel essence which permeates the body of the cheeses as it ages, and provides a delicious contrast to the tangy and fruity body of the cheese.

TASTING NOTES: Semi-firm, palest yellow, with striking textured mahogany brown rind. Moderate aroma of smoldering wood: a characterful smoke. Balanced sweetness and salt with predominant acidity. Moderately long finish with flavors of citrus and slightly sour hickory smoke. Unique smoky nature is very well integrated. Ultimately a gentle but expressive cheese.
WINE: Baco Noir
BEER: Dark ale, smoked beer



HIGHLAND BLUE – $10.00 approx. 150 grams 

Named for our beautiful Lanark Highlands and the many Scots who settled in this area. Highland Blue is a tangy and rich blue cheese with a natural rind and delicate overtones of blue mold combined with butter and mushroom. The Highland Blue is a Royal Winter Fair ribbon winner!

TASTING NOTES: Fine blue-green veins throughout a moist cohesive, old-ivory colored paste. Aromas are of damp slate and herbs (sage, marjoram). The cheese is full-flavored, earthy and savory with less salt and acidity than many blues.
WINE: Late harvest Riesling or Vidal, Tawny Port
BEER: Oatmeal Stout
OTHER: Ice-cider (Quebec or Prince Edward County)


MADAWASKA – $12.00 per 185 grams 

    The magnificent and rugged Madawaska River has long been an important part of life in the Ottawa Valley. Our Madawaska provides a range of tastes and textures from a chalky, slightly tangy centre to a soft, sweet and slightly salty cream under the rind. The Madawaska was named one of the ten best cheeses in Toronto according to Toronto Life!

TASTING NOTES: A beautiful bloomy cheese with thick, cream-colored surface flora, and a paste that’s chalky white at the heart and flowing ivory near the rind. Delicate, citric yogurt aromas lead to a melting sweetly mineral finish.
WINE: Sparkling, Pinot Gris or dry Riesling
BEER: Wheat beer (Schneider-Weisse or Blanche de Chambly)



CALABOGIE BLUE – $10.00 per 100 grams or $72.00 per kg

Calabogie Blue is a very unique cheese and may be one the world’s only blue’s which is handcrafted with raw water buffalo milk. Calabogie is creamy on the pallet yet crumbly in texture. It is a well balanced blue with a smooth bold finish. 

There are several theories on how the small Eastern Ontario Village got i’ts name but one thing for sure that all residents and visitors can agree on is the striking beauty of the areas rugged hills and the deep teal rivers and lakes which surround them.

Back Forty’s Calabogie Blue is a great reflection of such beauty. The wild and natural rind encases radiant dark teal veining which meanders through the crevices of the delicious white body.



OMPAH – $13.75 per approx. 210 grams 

The Algonquin name meaning “Long Step” was given to the small village just north of Back Forty Artisan Cheese due to it’s proximity along the well travelled native portage route which connected the Madawaska River system to the Mississippi River system. A fitting name for this cheese as it also involves the “long step” of frequent rind washings which encourages the growth of brevibacterium linens (b-linens) which is the natural and desirable mold responsible for the characteristic orange rind, smell and flavor.





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