CSA Food Box Programs 

Community Supported Agriculture, (CSA), connects people with the food they eat, the land it comes from and the farmers who grow it.

Community Supported Agriculture is a system that supports small scale farmers by guaranteeing a market for their produce, builds a direct relationship between families and the farm,  and allows supporters to receive a premium selection of local organic produce throughout the growing season.



Grass Fed Lamb 

Sheep are meant to browse on grass and that’s what produces healthy animals that give sweet milk and flavourful meat. As well as flavour, grass fed animals are very high in the important constituents such as conjugated linoleic acid, (CLA).                                       
Cows and sheep that graze on grass only, instead of being fed corn or grain, produce meat and milk that is higher in beneficial fatty acids, according to a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists. The report compared studies of omega-3 levels in grass-fed and conventionally raised animals. The animals that grazed were found to have significantly different fat content and fatty-acid levels than animals that were kept in milking barns and feedlots and fed primarily corn.   
As well as the health benefits of grass fed animals they play an indispensable role in maintaining soil vitality.  Utilizing mob grazing and grass based farming practices sequesters soil carbon, improves soil microbe communities, which results in producing highly nutritious grass and vegetable crops while improving water, soil and air quality.     



Sheep Dairy & Artisan Cheeses  

This will be our second full season of milking sheep.  Like meat our sheep are only milked when they are grazing.

Currently all our milk is sent to Back Forty Artisan Creamery to be processed into raw milk cheese.  

Calabogie Family Farm is pleased to offer a cheese CSA through our food box program. 




John & Sue Slack 

John and Sue were born and raised in the mining communities of Northern Ontario. In the late 1980’s they took the opportunity to run John’s fathers cow calf operation in Hillsburgh Ontario.  There they raised their four children and embarked on trying their hand at everything from bee keeping to milking sheep.

Today they are excited to be joining the Ottawa Valley community and look forward to providing food to kindred, practical, self reliant locals.  The valley is truly a unique place and the Slack’s want to participate in maintaining one of the last true bastions that support local economies.


Natalie & Anthony 


Affectionately referred to as Ant and Nat they raise their two boys in the tiny home they built.  Nat has raised sheep and milked cows from an early age and is the farms shepherdess.

Together they have started two on the farm businesses; “In The Barn Woodworking” and “Barnyard Aussies”.  For more information please contact Ant or Nat.   








April, effectionally called the Appy Monster lives off the farm in Renfrew but spends considerable time working on the farm. Her son Callum, a.k.a. Monkey Man and his cousin Noah, a.k.a. Noahie, are young farmers in the making and we are confident that the family farm tradition will continue under these very enthusiastic young boys in the near future.






Johnny,Emma and Lena Slack

Johnny is our poet laureate/artist/musician and everybody’s favorite uncle.  The content and vision of this website is Johnny’s.  He is a passionate researcher and the main educator of the growing troupe of young nieces and nephews on the concepts of a living farm ecosystem. He constantly invisions a truly sustainable farm. 

It is with great pleasure that we can state that Johnny has found his soulmate.  His brother in law, Robert has constantly nagged Johnny that he has to get out to find his soul mate.  As Robert would say; “Johnny she isn’t just coming down the driveway.”  Well apparently she does and her name is Emma. Emma grew up on a goat farm and finds farm life just fine.

Emma and Johnny’s courtship has been a true whirlwind and they wasted no time in producing the prettiest little girl, Lena.  Lena is the latest addition to the clan and the pride and joy of her doating grandmother. 




Jennifer and Robert 

The hardest part of the move to the valley was leaving behind the Beckett family.  We are all confident in time as the farm grows they will join us.  In the meantime they remain an integral part of the farm maintaining our books and as Robert throws up his hands, fixing our continuous broken equipment.  As the children get older they spend more and more time working on the farm. Daelyn, affectionately called Dae Dae, is becoming a wonderful cook and actively helps prepare the food produced on the farm for the many mouths to feed. 


 Farm Dogs, Horses & Nature 

Dogs have always been an integral part of the team, whether protecting livestock, herding sheep or a companion in the field.

We also have many Norwegian Fjord horses with the dream of using them to help collect maple sap, skid logs and work the land.  Today they are overgrown lawn ornaments that convert hay and grass into highly valued compost.  We hope to become proficient with these beautiful animals in the near future.



Our Vision

To promote and produce nutritious local food that will have you coming back for more.

Our Vision

To develop a truly sustainable farm based on improving soil quality which promotes a healthy ecosystem.

Our Passion

Family, Community and Food!